In a democratic government, everyone deserves the right to vote. However, there have been many debates over the issue of prisoners being excepted from this basic right, which makes us question, does this contradict our constitution? I believe that prisoners deserve the right to vote, so long as they are mentally capable of making rational judgment, that it helps them to  feel involved in their society, establishing a connection to the nation we live in, as well as the fact that it is unfair to group together those in Jail as being equals, as not all prisoners are  guilty of severe crimes.

If a prisoner commits a crime that is a result of impulsive judgment, such as a random homicide or spontaneous theft, that might be a valid reason for he or she to be questioned of losing this right. There should be an opportunity for this individual to be assessed and given tests to determine their intellectual and judgemental capabilities, as their decision may not be well thought out and could cause an incorrect election. There is also a strong belief that all prisoners are guilty of heinous crimes, while this is not always the case. While there are a large number of individuals who have been convicted of shocking crimes, there are also those who have been convicted of crimes of “knowledge”, such as computer related crimes, protestors and many others. These convicts are quite often extremely intellectual, and to eliminate them from the voting process would cause our elections to lack a thoughtful perspective from people who have a strong opinion in the way that our government should be run.

Restricting prisoners from their rights to vote also further limits their belonging in society. Often times crimes are committed by individuals who feel that their government is oppressive and that they are higher than the law. If they are given the option to vote, they may feel that they have a say in the laws that are enforced, in addition to  the sense of equality with other citizens. If prisoners were given the right to vote, I believe that society would not negatively be affected, that they are merely being given the chance to have a voice in our society, which so many desperately deserve. All citizens of our country deserve this basic human right, the right to vote.

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